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Our DNA and Know-How

A lasting experience in the design of tailor-made objects

Our mission is to accompany you in the implementation of your collections and loyalty projects for a successful customer experience. We take care of 100% of the realization of your project from the conception with our Project and Style team, to the delivery in your warehouses thanks to our import experts.

Créaprim approach’s : a product experience

We have the processes and the people to make your aspirations a reality and strengthen your customers' attachment to your brand. Our focus is on creating the best possible experiences for your customers.

Créaprim make the best for you

A happy team is a successful team. Every day, our 15 employees put their creativity and sense of aesthetics to work on your projects. Complementary, united, passionate about the product and driven by the same ambition: the satisfaction of our customers.

Our quality approach

At Créaprim, quality is at the heart of our concerns. This is why we have implemented a quality process that oversees all stages of our production, with upstream studies of product-related risks, controls during and after production, audited factories and product traceability.

Sharp processes

Many actions during production allow us to evaluate quality:

  • Our office in China and reputable quality organizations systematically control each stage of production (during and at the end of production).
  • Regular sample collection helps us to follow the development of production.
  • Concerned about the traceability of the materials used, we control each batch.

Standards respected

A product risk analysis is made at the beginning of each project. At the time of our productions, the products are tested according to the European requirements by certified laboratories.

The factories choice's

Our suppliers are selected on the basis of precise criteria and adapted to the needs of our customers. We are committed to finding the solution that best meets your product/quality/price constraints.
The factories are real partners visited and audited regularly with the aim of a durable collaboration.

Loyal partners in different continents