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The customer gift: 5 good reasons to use it

The customer gift: 5 good reasons to use it

Now more than ever, customers are very receptive to gifts offered by a brand. Beyond improving your brand image and your notoriety, the customer gift has many benefits for your business. Discover them in 5 detailed points!

A basic push marketing technique, sales promotion via promotional gifts is more popular than ever. In addition to boosting your sales, promotional gifts can strengthen your relationship with your loyal customers and gain new ones. They also help to enhance your brand image by developing the notoriety of your company.

The promotional gift is therefore now the subject of a real marketing strategy. So what are the good reasons for using it? Let’s find out in 5 detailed points.

1) Retain customers

For a client, it is always good to receive attention from a business. Even more when he is a good customer! The customer then has the feeling of being recognized, thanked or even privileged. He feels valued and esteemed by the company, which reinforces his attachment to it.

This loyalty also leads to better memorization of the brand by the customer. This is because it is easier for us to remember a brand that gave us a gift, rather than a brand that has never shown interest in us. This way, customers will have a positive image of your business and will be more likely to turn to you spontaneously when they are looking for a particular good or service.

Thanks to the customer gift, prospects become customers, and customers become loyal customers!

2) To recruit new clients

The promotional gift also helps attract new customers. Indeed, all the means of communication developed around your offer will help improve your visibility, and therefore, attract the attention of a large number of people.

Among them, in addition to your already loyal customers, it’s a safe bet that many curious people attracted by your gift will be tempted by an order… If of course your basic product offer appeals to them.

In addition, when recruiting, you can count on your loyal customers who, if they received the gift, will be its best ambassadors!

3) Generate traffic in store and on your site

It is always difficult to pass up an attractive offer. Exclusive, short-term-only offers are a great way to attract customers who want to take advantage of them at your point of sale or on your site.

Add to that good multi-channel communication around the offer: your KPIs are sure to take off!

4) To boost your sales

You can choose to give the gift to your customers from a certain amount. Customers will only receive your gift if they meet the specified threshold. Thus, your customers are motivated to reach this famous level, even if it means adding a few more items to the basket. Direct consequence: you sell more!

In general, consumers are fond of this type of offer. It even happens that on some campaigns, customers buy the product for the giveaway.

5) Improve your brand image and your notoriety

Giving a gift is undoubtedly the best way to get your customers talking about your brand. Who doesn’t like to receive a gift, especially from a brand you like? Thanks to the advertising put in place and word of mouth, many people will want to get these kinds of gifts.

By focusing on quality gifts, you can give your brand a good image. To set yourself apart from your competitors, do not hesitate to call on Créaprim. Thanks to our integrated style office, we create 100% tailor-made promotional items according to your desires, intended to satisfy your customers.

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