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At Créaprim, we are attentive to the impact our actions have on the environment. Although our business involves working with manufacturers in different countries, we monitor the entire production and delivery chain to ensure good practices!Fresly graduted and proud... On the way to the fold medal to know morte about it click here


Our logistics charter

Our CSR approach includes the desire to reduce our carbon footprint by integrating efficient solutions that are more respectful of the environment during our imports and during the re-routing to you. This is the reason why we favor our historical forwarding agent and partner who, through its Cargo Green Line program, allows us to save an average of 38% of CO2 compared to a traditional import.

Ask for your carbon footprint report for each project from shipment to delivery from China and soon to shorter distances!

And to transport samples for our clients in the Lille area, we have been using Philippe, our bicycle courier since 1996!
More than 15,000 km per year by bike for Créaprim, a real world tour by bike!